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Why Realtors should NOT be allowed to “short sale” houses

Good real estate agents know how to sell houses, NOT negotiated debt.

When a homeowner needs to sell their house, and they owe more than it is worth (short sale), the primary problem is a DEBT PROBLEM.  Therefore, they should seek someone who is competent in and specializes in negotiating debt. More specifically, SETTLING DEBT.

What a homeowner really needs is someone who will represent them to try and reach a FULL SETTLEMENT of both or all mortgages and liens that encumber their house. The “selling the house” part of a short sale is the easy part.

Ask any real estate agent in your listing interview this question;

“What is your strategy to attempt reaching a full settlement of both my first mortgage, second mortgage, HOA and unpaid taxes?”

Most real estate agents wont have a clue what you are talking about.

Of course no one will guarantee a full loan settlement on every singe deal.

But when you begin with the end in mind, and start the short sale process with multiple contingencies in place to reach a full settlement with you lender, you are miles ahead of anyone else.

If you need to stop foreclosure and short sale your house and live in Highland Utah, Alpine Utah or Cedar Hills Utah, please call me for a free consultation and I will give you multiple successful strategies that will give you the highest possible chance of settling your mortgages and selling you house at the same time.

Short Sale Loss Mitigation Video Utah

Unfortunately this video is hilariously true! How many days I have spent on hold, transferred and hung up on! If only the investors of mortgage loans and mortgage pools were “real people” someone could hold the loan servisors such as BOA accountable!