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How to get a principle reduction on your mortgage

One way to get a principle reduction on your mortgage is to be the lucky winner of the Selene Residential Mortgage Opportunity Fund.

One of the best in depth articles on the fund can be found on the link below.

This fund is a 900+million dollar fund buys mortgages that are under water at a discount, contacts the home owners and helps them stay in there home! They buy the mortgages at enough of a discount that they can lower the home owners principle and interest and help them stay in there homes and refinance or sell the preforming loans at a profit.

This is a fund that is truly providing value to the marketplace. Other banks could provide this same service but they choose not to. The only mainstream options most banks give for lowering principle requires the home owner to sell the home and move out after a short sale.

If you own a home in Utah County and are facing a foreclosure and are in need of a short sale or loan modification, please contact me for a free consultation regarding your options. Stopping foreclosure is easier sometimes that you might think. It is important you talk with someone who specializes in short sale, foreclosure and loan modification and is familiar with the local Utah market.