Inverview with CHASE BANK loss mitigation specialist! (ex-employee)

Last Year I interviewed a family member of my neighbor who worked for Chase bank Loss mitigation/collections in Arizona. He told me story after story about the “dirty tricks” “management” of the loss mitigation/collection department had pulled on customers on a day to day basis. I have been meaning to do a call with him and post it, but I will have to just write one of his stories for now.

He said that when people would call in and request a loan modification, they would first request the customer fill out the “loan modification paperwork” and fax it to “loss mitigation” which at this point was really “collections”. They would do whatever they could just to get people to send in money and were not concerned at all with the “loan modification”. In fact he said that when people would fax in their paperwork, the managers (24 year old punk kids in *his *description) would look over the paperwork, criticizing the amount of car payments and expenses, and then TEAR UP THE APPLICATIONS AND THROUGH THEM IN THE TRASH! He said all day long they had phone calls from borrowers wondering why their fax wasn’t received yet and they continued to re-fax paperwork day after day after day. In my opinion, from my experience, banks commit acts similar to this every singe day! If you live in Utah and need to stop foreclosure and short sale you house, please call me for a free consultation. You need an expert on your side who has experience negotiating with your bank.

**This is a story that was relayed to me first hand from an ex Chase bank employee and his experience working at chase bank. It is his opinion and relayed here as such.**