I have lived in Highland Utah now for 9 Years and worked in Real Estate for more than 11. I specialize in short sales, loan modifications, real estate investments and internet marketing. I am currently the Principal Broker at Champion Real Estate and a member of the National association of Realtors, Utah association of Realtors and Utah County association of Realtors in good standing with no complaints. My goal on every transaction is to understand my clients goals and motives and help them reach their goals in the time frame they want in as smooth a fashion as possible. With years of specialized experience in niche areas of real estate and I feel I can serve my clients best interest better than the large majority of other Realtors in the same markets. I have not only have helped others successfully invest in real estate but have myself have built, managed and sold a multi-million dollar portfolio of homes with great success. My track record shows 100% commitment, loyalty, honesty and integrity.  I am currently on the technology committee at UCAR and serve frequently in other areas in my community and church.  I am a Scout Master with the 11 year old scouts, and have served as a teacher in my local church for many years. I served a 2 year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints in the West Indies Mission in 1999. I grew up in Thousand Oaks California and attended Brigham Young University where I dated and married my wonderful wife of 7 years. For up to date information on whats going on with me log in to my facebook.com/stephenmarx.

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