Loan Modification

Get the Mortgage Help you need by lowering your payments, lower your interest rate and avoid foreclosure! Stay in your home and get a payment you can afford! We offer a custom talyored solution for mortgage help including loan modificatoin processing, attorney based loan modification processing and forensic loan audit! Contact us for a free consultation to see if you qualify for Obamas making home affordable plan or other loan modification solutions! If you are in the process of trying a loan modificaiton with you lender you need someone to help represent YOUR interests! Someone who knows the ins and outs of the qualifications and wont take advantage of you.  We help level the playing field between the Billion dollar banks and the average home owner.  Dont get taken advantage of by dishonest loan modification companies or lenders who will NOT work with you. Dont get scammed.  Call us ASAP to see what you may really qualify for. Get the realistic expectations you deserve. If you have already had a Notice of Default filed on your house time is of the essance, you options may be limited.