Short Sale

We offer Turn Key Short Sale services FREE to homeowners who are upside down on their homes. Our short sale system will yield higher successful results than any other system we are aware of. Our goal is to help you sell your home, settle your loan with the bank and avoid the damaging effects of foreclosure.* Escape the negative equity in your home and get a fresh start. Save your credit and re-build your future.

Being behind on mortgage payments can be stressful. You deserve someone who has the knowledge and specialized experience to represent your best interest and help you make informed decisions.

In Utah there is a very small number of Realtors that actually have completed and know how to complete a short sale. This is NOT the type of sale that you should trust to just anyone because they are a friend or relative. You need someone who is an expert and specializes in short sales.

12 Benefits of our Turn Key Short Sale System

1. We are short sale experts that specialize in short sales!

2. Our services are free to you and are not paid unless we have a successful closing!

3. We provide an investor offer to your bank the first week of your listing! This will save you months of back and forth with the bank and start off the negotiations on the right foot!

4. Our team is closing dozens of successful short sales every single month!

5. Benefit from our teams years of experience in negotiating strategic settlements with mortgage lenders all across the USA.

6. Take advantage of our knowledge and relationships we already have with YOUR LENDER!

7. Escape negative equity that may take you years to recover!

8. Save your credit from foreclosure and negotiate how the lender will report on your credit!

9. Avoid the negative impacts of foreclosure and the potential of a deficiency judgment!

10. Turn the paperwork over to us and we will make the process as stress-free as possible for you!

11. We have a policy for 100% Communication at all times!

12. Get into something that is more affordable and have a fresh start!

Please call us to scedule a free consultation with special information about how your lenders may respond to a short sale request.

*OK so you had to expect the disclaimer-Every effort is made to realease and settle all leans without recorse. Some lenders or PMI companies may require a promisory note be signed by sellers. Consult an attorney or CPA. Results not guaranteed.