Bank of America short sale contact Utah-Loss Mitigation

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Loss Mitigation Department Contact Information:

(800) 846-2222 or (716) 635-2000

(716) 635-7265 Authorization Fax*

(919) 852-6104 Short Sale Fax*

Requests for all Loss Mitigation alternatives must be directed to the Loss Mitigation Department, at (800) 846-2222. A Bank of America

Representative will obtain financial information and determine if the homeowner meets the criteria for any type of workout/repayment option.

Homeowner may be required to supply copies of the following as well as additional information as determined by Bank of America. Please list loan number on all documentation. You will be provided with the appropriate fax and/or mailing address after speaking with a representative. You will need:

1. Most recent (2) years tax returns

2. Letter of explanation and the nature of your hardship (hospital bills, etc). If you have resolved the hardship, please explain how. Dates of hardship events need to be included in your explanation.

3. Most recent (2) pay stubs

4. Most recent (2) Bank Statements

5. Letter of authorization (if using a third party to access information)

Please notify Bank of America if any of the above documents are not available.

For Short Sales (may need originals mailed):

  1. Estimated HUD-1 (net sheet)

  1. Copy of Contract and/or Offers

  1. Copy of Listing Agreement

*Please verify all fax numbers with the intended recipient prior to submitting sensitive information.