The Best Fix and Flip Strategy in Our Market.

In our market the best fix and flip strategy is clean the property up with low cost/high impact improvements.

Target price range=Under 250K to 300K.

Put it back on the market clean, and priced less than 90% of the other active similar homes.

You’ll have it under contract in 30 days. You dont want to pre-invest your future profits into unrecoverable improvements.

IE: The idea is you don’t want to make the home the nicest on the block. You want to make money.

Our market doesn’t lend itself to paying a premium price for upgrades.

Its always nice to be the smallest house in a larger home area, but not a must.

Buy at 65 to 70 cents of the true value and sell at 90.

In the “boom time” appreciating market, one days retail was the next days wholesale. Getting a premium price for upgrades was easy. Times have changed.

The strategy in our market isn’t over improve, then overprice. Anyways.. my 2 cents on house flipping.

For more details on flipping short sales in our maket please contact me.