3647 W PAIGE LN, Cedar Hills UTs

SOLD- Asking 299,900! AUCTION! Special 1 DAY ONLY SALE!! Will be accepting offers and Bids on August 29th between 1 PM and 5 PM.

Incredible home priced to Sell! This home will not last! Dont miss this opportunity to BUILD EQUITY in this house! Must see inside. Call for availability & Details.

AUCTION-1 Day Sale Details

Hurry see the inside of this home and submit your bid before August 29th at 5 pm!


-All Bids must be at least 299,900
-Actual price may be higher than list price
-$5,000 Earnest money
-Bid must be on Approved real estate purchase contract
-Bid must be submitted on or before August 29th at 5:00 PM
-30 Day closing required
-No more than 10 days due diligence contingency
-No more than 14 days financing contingency
-*All bids are subject to owner approval
-Owner reserves the right to accept, reject or counter any offer
-Having a Buyers agent is not required to submit a Bid
-Buyers agent commission will not be paid if your offer or bid is rejected

Other items to consider when submitting your bid

-Net sales price to seller
-More earnest money will show you are serious
-Fast closing
-Less contingencies, IE all cash or no financing contingency
-Large down payment
-Strong pre-qualification letterĀ  OR in house pre-qualification