I kind of think of hiring a realtor as a necessary evil, but for an evil guy, Steve is really great! ūüôā He is really personal, candid, and down to earth. He understands (and explains well) the technical details and trade secrets needed to get the best possible result in a real estate transaction. In 2008 he helped us get a good deal on the house we bought. Now he is helping us sell a rental property, after giving us some great tips on how to fix the place up for the sale. I am happy with his work so far and would recommend him. Rachael G.-Home Seller & Buyer Provo, UT

Steve is very knowledgeable when it comes to all things real estate and is an expert when it comes to short sales and foreclosure properties. He helped us buy our first house 3 years ago. He is currently helping us buy our second home. He is not a part time real estate agent. He is full time, has a lot of experience, and knows what he is doing. I would recommend him to anyone and I have recommended him to many of my close friends and family. Jake G. Home Buyer Provo, UT

During my 10 years in the Real Estate Industry as a Title and Escrow Officer I have never met a Realtor that is more innovative or capable of adapting to market changes than Steve Marx.¬† During the past few years as short sales have become more and more prominent, Steve has always stayed on the cutting edge of change with his ability to anticipate challenges that arise from so many different policies within so many different banks, and be ever ready to formulate and respond with a plan.¬† Steve has the talent of being able to look at a situation and figure out what it will take to obtain successful results for his client…and then get the results.¬† I have been extremely impressed with the level of service and care that Steve provides and consider him a true asset to our industry.- Matt Wirth- Access Title Company

I have worked in real estate finance for several years. Steve and I worked together on multiple transactions helping clients get into homes. Steve even helped me close on my own home when there were multiple offers.. Steve gets the job done. Thats why I choose him over other agents in the industry. He’s dependable and you can trust working with him. He aggressive and stays ahead of his competition. I recommend him if you are looking to work with him. –John Fricke, Cedar Hills UT Option One Mortgage

Thank you VERY much, you have no idea how appreciative we are for you being understanding when we were under so much stress!This helps out A LOT! We would be more than happy to recommend you to anyone who is in need of a short sale, if you can get our deal done you can get ANY deal done!

Sincerely-A. Thank you!! Saratoga Springs, UT  Bank of America FHA short sale.

‚ÄúSteve is the kind of guy who will get the job done no matter what. When most people would throw up their hands in frustration, Steve is one who’ll charge ahead and make things happen. He’s not afraid to work hard and he’s experienced enough to work smart. Without Steve’s help and expertise, multiple deals I’ve done simply would have never happened.‚ÄĚ- Micah W.-Home Buyer


“My wife and I decided to downsize into a more affordable home the only problem was we¬†owed way more than we could sell the home, Steve walked us through the¬†process and helped us get started and I¬†must¬†say he was very knowledgeable about the short sell process and what¬†to do.¬†¬†Steve is by far one of the most aggressive and knowledgeable agents out there and if it wasn’t for¬†Steve we would have¬†probably had to declare bankruptcy and not only did he keep us out of bankruptcy¬†he got¬†us a full settlement, I would recommend Steve to anyone.” B.- Short Sale Seller-Highland, UT